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Fuel and Fiber Company was formed to promote a Plant/Crop-Based Renewable Resource System using fibrous plants such as Hemp and Kenaf.

Gathered here you will find information related to renewable resources, the environment, politics, Industrial Hemp, kenaf, ethanol,  and other issues of concern to many worldwide.

These alternative crops use less water, little or no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides and provide improvements to farm land and the family farm life. By promoting rural development, the local economy can be part of the new economy.

Sustainable economic development is achievable using environmentally conscious practices and methods. Our reliance on imported petroleum can be reduced by using alternative fuels such as ethanol made as a co-product with fiber crops.

The destruction of our forests can be stopped now by integrating and developing products such as tree-free paper, building materials and composites, plastics and textiles. All these and more can be made using fibers and cellulose from hemp and kenaf as supplements to timber and petroleum.

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